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Nutrition Crisis: 3 Million Indonesian Children Severely Malnourished!

Just a few weeks before her first birthday, Julriska suffered from fever and itching. She was very thin, but she also did not eat properly. She weighed just over 7 kilograms, compared with the ideal weight for girls aged one year of almost 9 kilos. Imagine! 

Fortunately, her mother took her to the next Puskesmas in Oelbiteno, Kupang. She was shocked when the health officer told her that Julriska was suffering from acute malnutrition and was seriously ill.

The health officer immediately enrolled little Julriska in the Community-based Nutrition Management program, where the health workers were feeding the baby girl a special nutrient-rich peanut paste called “Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food”. Julriska quickly gained weight and could leave the hospital to go home, where her mother continued to feed her this therapeutic food paste until thank god she fully recovered.

Look at this foto of her happily celebrating her first birthday. It is hard to believe that the same child was still suffering from acute malnutrition just a few weeks before.    


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