Angtu is one of more than 2 million children that still suffer from malnutrition in Indonesia. Malnutrition harms a child’s health, its development, and can have long-lasting consequences. It is therefore essential to discover – and to treat it – as early as possible.

When breaking the fast and sahur in the month of Ramadan, please give a space at your table and share one blessing for children like Angtu. By becoming a monthly donor, you can even make a resolution to help children with malnutrition survive, heal, and grow into healthier children every month.

When the UNICEF team and the local authorities first discovered Angtu, the size of her upper arm was in the red limit, an alarm sign that her poor nutrition makes her highly vulnerable to various diseases.

Thankfully, Angtu received help right away through the local malnutrition programme and was able to quickly recover. This photo shows her when she was undergoing treatment, and her arm circumference had already increased from red to yellow. 

This Ramadan, please share your blessings with children suffering from malnutrition in Indonesia.

Please also consider signing up as a monthly donor, to help children like Angtu every month.


Together with government, local partner, private sector and the community, UNICEF Indonesia works to protect the rights and wellbeing of every child. Your support is critical to ensuring every child in Indonesia has the opportunity to survive and thrive.

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